Award Winners

 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for
ProfTianyouTaoSoutheast UniversityChinaMonte Carlo simulationSimulation of Stochastic ProcessesBest Researcher Award
ProfJungminSeoCalifornia State University, FullertonUnited StatesMultiple linear regression analysisOrganizational BehaviorBest Researcher Award
DrArabindaGhoshMahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva ViswavidyalayaIndiaRegression analysis: simple and multiple regression, model building, and diagnosticsDynamcis and SimulationBest Researcher Award
MstttAustriaProbability theory and distributionstExcellence in Research
ProfAmjadAlNasserYarmouk UniversityJordanIntroduction to statistical methods and data analysisLinear modelsBest Researcher Award
Profmohammad saberfallah nezhadyazd universityIranStatistical process control (SPC)acceptance sampling planBest Researcher Award
DrAbdoul-AzizeBarryUniversité Joseph KI-ZERBOBurkina FasoTime series analysis: autocorrelation, trend analysis, and forecastingPrincipal Component Analysis, Hierarchical Ascendant Classification, Machine LearningYoung Scientist Award
MrGyanendra KumarChaturvedyNational Institute of Technology, HamirpurIndiaRegression analysis: simple and multiple regression, model building, and diagnosticsANOVABest Researcher Award
MrBehnamAskari LasakiUniversity of StuttgartGermanyIntroduction to statistical methods and data analysiswater and wastewater treatmentBest Researcher Award
ProfAhmed Nabih ZakiRashedMenoufia universityEgyptOthersOptical CommunicationsBest Researcher Award
DrRajivKaushalTata memorial hospitalIndiaQuality control: acceptance sampling, attribute control charts, and continuous improvementDigital PathologyBest Researcher Award
DrMostafaAfifyAlexandria University, Faculty of PharmacyEgyptDesign of experiments (DOE)Supersaturated screening designBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrJorgeFigueroaUniversidad de ConcepciónChileIntroduction to statistical methods and data analysisStatistical Methods for Analyzing Engineering DataBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrShahedHassanpoorFaculty of Engineering, University of Guilan, 4199613776 Rasht, IranIranOthersStatistical Methods for Analyzing Engineering Data ,Kinetics and thermodynamics models of adsorption of thiophene on the on the nanosorbentBest Researcher Award
DrSeyed MehdiMohtavipourIran University of Science and TechnologyIranOthersVisual Analytics and Computer ArchitectureBest Researcher Award
MsparastooafrasyabiK. N. Toosi university of technologyIranTime series analysis: autocorrelation, trend analysis, and forecastingdataBest Researcher Award
DrAbdelAouacheriaCNRS ISEMFranceDescriptive statisticsPCA/LDABest Researcher Award
MrAgni AlamAwiryaBank IndonesiaIndonesiaDescriptive statisticsDescriptive statictics for qualitative analysisExcellence in Innovation
MrKhalilUllahAbdul Wali Khan University Mardan KpK PakistanPakistanOthersGeometric Function TheoryBest Researcher Award
DrAmirrezaKhalili GolmankhanehUrmia University of Medical SciencesIranOthersModeling tumor growth using fractal calculusBest Researcher Award
 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for


This Speech delivered by Dr. FEIYUN WU | Northwestern Polytechnical University | China | Best researcher Award
Compressed Sensing of Delay and Doppler Spreading in Underwater Acoustic Channels.
International Research Awards ...
on Statistical Methods for Analyzing Engineering Data
International Research Awards on Statistical Methods for Analyzing Engineering Data is an annual award that recognizes exceptional research contributions in the field of statistical methods for engineering data analysis. The award aims to promote innovative research in statistical modeling, simulation, and analysis techniques to enable better decision-making in engineering applications.The award is open to researchers from all over the world who have made significant contributions to the development and application of statistical methods for engineering data analysis. Eligible research topics may include, but are not limited to, statistical inference, regression analysis, time series analysis, design of experiments, Bayesian methods, machine learning, and data visualization.
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