Award Winners

 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for
DrAnandakumarsugumarNational Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management - Thanjavur (NIFTEM-T)IndiaAnalysis of variance (ANOVA)oneway, two way and three factor analyzisBest Research Award
MrNebiyuGirgiboUniversity of VaasaFinlandRegression analysis: simple and multiple regression, model building, and diagnosticssummary of statistics, dependency analysis, trend analysis and time serious plotsBest Research Award
DrS. K.JoshiShivalik College of Engineering, DehradunIndiaOthersMachine LearningBest Faculty Award
Prof DrEwertton de SouzaBezerraFederal University of AmazonasBrazilHypothesis testing: one-sample and two-sample testsEstimation statisticsBest Researcher Award
MrABHISHEKBHATTACHARJEEARM Embedded Technology, PVT Limited, Bengalore, IndiaIndiaReliability analysisReliability of Transistor/ memory DesignBest Researcher Award
MrJihyunKimSungkyunkwan UniversitySouth KoreaEstimation and hypothesis testingFinancial EconometricsBest Researcher Award
ProfDanielAssefaAmbo UniversityEthiopiaTime series analysisDescriptive analysis in the area of climate changeYoung Scientist Award
Assist Prof DrNaserMozaffariArdabil University of Medical Sciences, Ardabil, IranIranSimple linear regression analysisLinear Regression- Logistic RegressionBest Extension Activity Award
MrJudeKologUniversity of GhanaGhanaRegression analysis: simple and multiple regression, model building, and diagnosticsAgricultural EconomicsYoung Scientist Award
DrFernandoRojasUniversidad de Valparaiso/Escuela de Nutricion y DieteticaChileIntroduction to statistical methods and data analysisOprations research/Supply chain/Pharmacies and FoodservicesBest Research Award
Prof DrCarlos EVelasquezUniversidade Federal de Minas GeraisBrazilIntroduction to statistical methods and data analysisForecastingBest Research Award
Assist Prof DrMuratKaraBolu Abant izzet baysal universityTurkeyDescriptive statisticsMechanical EngineeringBest Research Award
Prof DrNazarOukailiUniversity of BaghdadIraqEstimation and hypothesis testingRehabilitation of Concrete StructuresBest Researcher Award
Assist Prof DrAyşegülYabacı TakBezmialem Vakıf UniversityTurkeyOthersNew effect size methods for parametric and non parametric two independent groupsBest Research Award
MrsAnushaVaddeM S Ramaiah University of Applied SciencesIndiaOthersStatistical Methods for Analyzing Engineering Data.Best Research Award
DrDong HoonShinKorea Institute of Science and TechnologySouth KoreaProbability distributionsSignal decomposition, Diagnostic of PEM fuel cellBest Research Award
DrAndreaMissagliaPolitecnico di MilanoItalyMonte Carlo simulationNuclear medicineBest Researcher Award
DrCHANDRASHEKARH MSiddaganga Institute of TechnologyIndiaOthersSpeech Signal ProcessingBest Research Award
Prof DrMingGUTongji UniversityChinaProbability distributionsVine copulasBest Researcher Award
Prof DrSudanJhaKathmandu UniversityNepalTime series analysisARIMA modelBest Research Award
 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for


This Speech delivered by Dr. FEIYUN WU | Northwestern Polytechnical University | China | Best researcher Award
Compressed Sensing of Delay and Doppler Spreading in Underwater Acoustic Channels.
International Research Awards ...
on Statistical Methods for Analyzing Engineering Data
International Research Awards on Statistical Methods for Analyzing Engineering Data is an annual award that recognizes exceptional research contributions in the field of statistical methods for engineering data analysis. The award aims to promote innovative research in statistical modeling, simulation, and analysis techniques to enable better decision-making in engineering applications.The award is open to researchers from all over the world who have made significant contributions to the development and application of statistical methods for engineering data analysis. Eligible research topics may include, but are not limited to, statistical inference, regression analysis, time series analysis, design of experiments, Bayesian methods, machine learning, and data visualization.
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