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Submission Process

1. Visit the Statistics Awards Official Website: Start by visiting the official website of the  International Research Awards on Statistical Methods for Analyzing Engineering Data You can access the website here: Statistics Awards Website.

2. Navigate to the Nomination Section: Locate the "Nominate Now" section on the home page of the Statistics Awards website. You can access the nomination page directly using this link: Nomination Page.

3. Provide Your Primary Details:

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5. Professional Details:

  • Upload your Resume (CV) /Filled Application form: Upload the relevant document containing your resume or filled application form. You can download the application form here: Download Application Form.
  • Webpage links (optional): If applicable, provide links to your websites, profiles, blogs, videos, or social media pages where your research work is explained.

6. Research Awards: Select the specific award category you wish to be considered for from the available options.

7. CAPTCHA Verification: Complete the CAPTCHA verification process to confirm your status as a human user.

8. Submit Your Nomination: Once all the required fields are completed and any necessary files are uploaded, click the "SUBMIT" button to finalize your nomination.

9. Confirmation: Upon submission, you may receive a confirmation message or email acknowledging the receipt of your nomination.

Remember that the specific process and details may vary slightly based on the event's website design and functionality. If you encounter any difficulties during the nomination process or have questions, consider reaching out to the event organizers using the provided contact information for assistance.

Awards categories

  1. Young Scientist Award
  2. Best Researcher Award
  3. Outstanding Scientist Award
  4. Lifetime Achievement Award
  5. Women Researcher Award
  6. Best Faculty Award
  7. Best Scholar Award
  8. Excellence in Innovation
  9. Excellence in Research
  10. Top Researcher Award
  11. Best Innovation Award
  12. Best Extension Activity Award
  13. Best Keynote Speaker
  14. Best Committee Member
  15. Best Paper Award
  16. Most Cited Paper Award


Conference Subject Tracks

Introduction to statistics and probability | Descriptive statistics | Probability distributions | Estimation and hypothesis testing | Simple linear regression analysis | Multiple linear regression analysis | Analysis of variance (ANOVA) | Design of experiments (DOE) | Statistical process control (SPC) | Quality control and Six Sigma | Non-parametric statistical methods | Time series analysis | Bayesian statistics | Monte Carlo simulation | Reliability analysis | Introduction to statistical methods and data analysis | Descriptive statistics: measures of central tendency and dispersion | Probability theory and distributions | Hypothesis testing: one-sample and two-sample tests | Regression analysis: simple and multiple regression, model building, and diagnostics | Nonparametric methods: rank tests and correlation | Quality control: acceptance sampling, attribute control charts, and continuous improvement | Time series analysis: autocorrelation, trend analysis, and forecasting